Payment Processing

We offer tech-forward solutions that work reliably wherever or however you need to make the sale. 

Mobile/Online Payments

We have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to set up merchants to accept credit cards online or on the go quickly and securely. 


We continue to lead the way in providing secure products. Trust in our fraud and breach protection services. 

Credit and Debit Cards

Matchpoint Payment Solutions provides all your processing, settlement and support. You can accept credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, JCB, Diners, UnionPay as well as local debit brands and foreign cards.

Gift & Loyalty Cards

Encourage repeat business through offering electronic gift cards! This helps your business attract new customers and increase sales. Matchpoint will tailor a solution to meet the specific needs of your business, and you can create your own customized program. Generate and manage them easily with Matchpoint Payment Solution’s online reporting solutions.

Payment Acceptance

Whether you are looking for a traditional dial-up POS terminal, want to take advantage of an existing internet connection or require a wireless or mobile solution, Matchpoint offers user-friendly options that protect customer data and enable credit or debit transactions in card-present, e-commerce, mobile and mail-order/telephone-order environments.

Mobile Payments/ VirtualMerchant Mobile

VirtualMerchant Mobile works with mobile and smartphone devices including Apple and Android products. With an easy set up and configuration process, you can accept key-entered transactions or add a card reader that encrypts card data to accept card swipes. The pricing is simple – one low monthly fee, with one rate for key-entered sales and another for swiped card transactions.

Online Software Payments/ VirtualMerchant

VirtualMerchant is a complete, hosted payment solution for face-to-face, mail order/telephone order and e-commerce transactions.All payment information is hosted and stored by Matchpoint Payment Solutions, minimizing your data security and compliance concerns.

Online MerchantConnect Basic

Go online with MerchantConnect to monitor your account anytime, anywhere. See your online statements and detailed reports, manage chargebacks, and analyze your sales and payments. It’s easy to use- thanks to an intuitive interface- and no special software is required. Since MerchantConnect is password-protected, cardholder information is secure.

Two Reporting Levels

MerchantConnect Basic is ideal for businesses with one location. A single log-in gives you access to comprehensive reporting and transaction history for up to six months. MerchantConnect Premium is for multiple store locations. It provides multiple logins with access for up to one year to reporting that is searchable and can be exported for further analysis.

Security and Compliance

It’s easy to stay compliant with payment card industry standards with our secure credit card processing. Our PCI compliance program takes a comprehensive approach to helping businesses securely manage cardholder data. We provide the tools required to demonstrate compliance, and deliver financial-protection programs to mitigate financial exposure should a breach occur.

Manage Fraud and Chargebacks

Information is always the first line of defense in card fraud. Matchpoint Payment Solutions offers best-practice advice to small businesses that accept card payments. In addition, we can help protect your business with various tools built into our system.

Consolidated Relationships

You can improve operational efficiencies and control your overall cost of payment processing by not having to maintain multiple vendor relationships with different processes and reporting systems.Matchpoint Payment Solutions delivers a higher level of customer service, including customer support in nine languages.

International Processing Platform

Matchpoint Payment Solutions’ robust, secure and scalable processing platform allows for efficient technology and compliance changes and provides advanced domestic, inter-regional and international credit card processing with convenient multi-currency options. You gain a consolidated view of all payments through our advanced online reporting tools. Reconciliation is simplified with consistent reporting and statements for all the countries where you operate.

One Point of Contact

Matchpoint Payment Solutions handles every aspect of the acquiring relationship:

  • Transaction processing
  • Risk and underwriting
  • Settlement
  • Chargeback management
  • Reporting
  • Customer service

By maintaining complete control and providing all services in-house, we can better ensure that your needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Matchpoint Payment Solutions offers a wide variety of payment processing solutions for your specific business needs and point-of-sale (POS) configuration, from brick-and-mortar to mail-order/telephone-order, mobile and e-commerce.

Fraud and Chargeback Tools

Matchpoint Payment Solutions’ industry-leading fraud solution reduces manual reviews and false positives allowing you to captures more sales. Our business processing outsourcing optimizes your labor costs and other resources associated with managing chargebacks and fraud.

Interchange Advisory and Optimization Solutions

Implement point-of-sale best practices and optimize performance.

Using our industry, region/country and card association expertise, we leverage our international processing platform to gain a view into your business and how your transactions are handled to help you get the best rates.

MerchantConnect Reporting

With MerchantConnect you can:

  • Effectively manage interchange expenses
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Monitor the mix of cards presented
  • Generate in-depth analysis and aggregated reports for chains.

Data Security & PCI Compliance

The process of securing cardholder data and maintaining PCI compliance is increasingly complex and costly. Matchpoint Payment Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of security solutions and services.

Global Services Programs

Improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

Reduce your overall cost of payment acceptance with our business outsourcing services. Exception management services and transaction optimization with dynamic routing are designed to decrease operational expenses and increase revenue for your business.

Business Knowledge

Leverage our industry knowledge and let us help you reduce the complexity and expense of your payment processing service and protect vital customer relationships.

Solution Design

Matchpoint Payment Solutions engineers work with you through the delivery process- from design and delivery, to ongoing support. We provide payments needs analysis and consulting services, including: custom architecture; client business models; client commerce platforms; and infrastructure. We also manage payment software development and integration as well as software implementation and installation.

Ongoing Support

Every company has a vision of how it stands apart. At MPS, our people are our competitive advantage. We offer strategic management of account relationships, customizing service level offerings based on your needs. With a dedicated client relations team, we provide transaction management and reporting, advanced fraud monitoring, chargeback management and interchange management.


Airlines can reduce the cost of card acceptance and fraud with Matchpoint Payment Solutions’ global processing reach, advanced risk management tools, fraud detection solutions and managed chargeback services.

Hospitality/Travel & Entertainment

Matchpoint Payment Solutions payment and gateway solutions interface with the leading property management systems, and deliver end-to-end encryption and tokenization technologies. Consolidate payment processing across your enterprise including reservations, restaurants, retail shops, and services.


Matchpoint Payment Solutions’ secure and convenient point-of-sale and gateway solutions work in table service, quick service and concessionaire restaurant environments. Value-added solutions like electronic check service and gift cards create new operational and financial efficiencies to help boost your bottom line.


As payment options for consumers increase, you can choose the elements that deliver the most value across your enterprise. Matchpoint Payment Solutions’ retail solutions are flexible to meet the needs of a variety of POS configurations, in-store environments and connectivity options.


Practices can streamline and simplify point-of-sale payments and bill pay collectibles with Matchpoint’s solutions for the healthcare marketplace. Efficiently accept and collect patient payments to provide consistent cash flow and collections for your business.

Public Sector/Education

Matchpoint Payment Solutions’ payment and bill pay solutions are tailored to the needs of agencies, universities, utilities and other public sector entities. With fixed budgets and the cost of card acceptance generally not built into your business model, Matchpoint Payment Solutions helps you better manage the payment process and track convenience fees.

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